Omni Sports Management is the Software of Sports
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If it involves Sport then OSM has you covered.

OSM is perfect for municipalities! OSM can manage all aspects of your sports in a single system.

OSM provides integrated approach to Sports Administration. OSM manages your Soccer Leagues, Football Leagues, Baseball Leagues, Softball Leagues, Volleyball Leagues, Basketball League, etc. Manage your players and coaches across leagues, sports, and seasons.


Which sport do you need registration, league management, and player engagement?


How about Coach and Officials? Would you like to better manage them. Implement testing procedures and provide training videos for coaches, officials and players!
Omni Sports Management fulfills these requirements plus much, much more.






If it involves Sport then OSM has you covered.
Sport Organizations

OSM is perfect for Sport Organizations! OSM can manage all aspects of your sport in a single system. With its top-down approach a national, regional or state organization can have complete control over their Sport. 


OSM allows you the flexibility to set pricing at multiple levels and then account for these fees for distribution purposes. Features include League Management, Coach and Official Management, Membership Management, Events, Tournaments, email and SMS communications and extensive reporting at every level.

OSM allows you to send emails and know every participant of your Sport. See how much each individual is involved. In the US this means you can send emails to participants from California to New York, and all points in between. Many such organizations have National, State and then Club level management. Each having fees that create a single registration fee for a member to pay when they register online.


Which sport do you need registration, league management, and player engagement?
Omni Sports Management fulfills these requirements plus much, much more.



OSM allows you to track all interactions with your customers. Memberships, Leagues, Events, notes, payments, communications and other items between you and your members. You can also set up prospect registration.

The OSM Membership Portal allows your customers to access all their services and products they receive from you.

OSM uses Google Translate to allow our pages to be translated to multiple different languages by the user.  

OSM provides on screen help features as well as a number of instructional videos throughout the system.


OSM provides features that allows you to customize your header, colors, footer, and many different labels and pages.



OSM Event Module allows you to run events for registration, accepting payments, event check in via virtual receipt or virtual card, reporting and other features.


OSM provides you with the ability to create online stores to sell a multitude of products. These stores are created at multiple levels and the products are available to members in their Membership Portal for purchase. 



OSM uses a simple clean design approach to enable our users to quickly adapt to the system. This creates effective users. 


Implementation with OSM can be extremely fast. It depends on how much historical data you want to import. That being identified, we can get you up and running using OSM in 60 days! 


Support Center

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Building Solutions

 IPC's experience in providing SaaS solutions is your benefit. Our servers are at multiple locations, interconnect using encrypted (VPN) connections. These locations constantly back each other up at a transaction level. Multiple locations means availability! It is also means security. Our servers are in a "Private Cloud", which is actually a strong, secure private network. Only our servers are in this "Cloud".This is an interconnected network using Firewall and encryption technologies to secure data and traffic. We use products such as Barracuda for Firewalls and Strongkey (Tokenization).



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