Omni Sports Management - Event Manager

Creating and managing Events is easy with OSM - Event Manager. We provide a simple process for you to create an event website/brochure that lets you define the event, its competitions, sponsors, fees and registration process. 

OSM - Event Management provides tools that allow the user to create an online event registration site without needing to know HTML or other web programming languages. 

Visitors can register for your event using PayPal or, if you are using OSM - Event Management with the other modules of OSM (National, State, Zone and Club) you can use our central payment Credit Card processor and have the funds transferred directly to your bank account each week.

The major features of OSM - Event Manager are:

  • Flexible Definition of Fees
  • Complete registration management for the event
  • Ability to customize look (colors, images, content, etc.) of your registration 'Brochure'.
  • No knowledge of HTML needed to customize site
  • Accounting reports for collected registration and product revenue
  • Ability to sell products at the time of registration
  • Ability to report on attendees
  • Email Manager to send emails to current, previous or uploaded email lists. Beacon used to get open results.
  • Ability to have multiple classes for each event, each of which can be defined by age group and/or gender
  • Check-in Process to speed up registrant entry.  
  • Ability to use a scanner with the OSM - App to read a bar-code on the persons virtual card, or off their receipt.

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