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Phone Apps (iPhone and Android)

Every Omni Sports Management client will have access to an Android and iOS App that can be distributed to your membership.  And, rather than us guessing what you would like to see in your App, we have made it flexible enough so you can add content yourself.

The App has two statuses - 'Not Logged In' and 'Logged In'.  As a base, the 'Not Logged In' status has a 'Login' button and a 'Contact Us' button (which contains information about your organization).  The 'Logged In' status has a 'Virtual Membership Card' and a 'Contact Us' button.

Depending on your organization, we can provide other modules to add to your App - Profile, Memberships, Leagues, Events and so forth.  Adding these to your app is as simple as dragging the module from the available list to the App Image.  To add your own content or modules, give them a name and what text you want on the button and enter the URL of the content. Then just drag that to the App Image. This is immediately available for all users of the OSM App.

One of the key modules in the App is the Virtual Card.  This is available to a member when they are logged in to the App.  It shows the information on that person, their membership, qualifications and accreditation's as well as a Bar Code which can be scanned with the Event Manager 'Check In' function to facilitate Event Check In.

The App also includes 'Notifications' so that you can send notifications to people with the app easily from many places within Omni Sports Management.  For example, if your league has a late start on one day, you can send a notification from the Leagues module - directly to the App that will show up for those members with the App on their phone. This is not a Text message, it is an alternative to a text message and only those with the App will get this message.

Features Include:
  • Standard screens such as Virtual Card, Contact US, etc.
  • Add Pages from your own website or others (add pages from your own website or others)
  • Android and iPhone versions
  • Management page so you can manage the pages available for the App
  • Registration and renewal pages
  • Page to review status of membership (also the Virtual Card)